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Talking ADHD, Money, and Emotions with Rick Webster

June 25, 2020 Liz
The HealthyADHD Podcast
Talking ADHD, Money, and Emotions with Rick Webster
Show Notes

I'm sooo excited to bring this episode to you featuring Rick Webster of Rena-Fi.

Instead of typing a 1500 work post in here, I'll just put the bullet points:

  • Aim for financial stability, before wealth
  • Income isn't the problem, it's how you manage what you have
  • Emotional dysregulation ---> panic, reactive thinking
  • A budget is just the surface, you have to go deeper to figure out what's going on
  • Why auto payments are your friend
  • Getting real with yourself + embracing personal responsibility = feeling more in control of your money
  • There is no linear or one-size-fits-all solution
  • Behavioral change takes time to learn, so does financial literacy
  • Creating mindfulness around your spending
  • Rick's thoughts on ADHDers using cash
  • The need for ADHD brains to feel rewarded
  • Considering your future-self when making decisions
  • The missing self-trust that all ADHDers seem to struggle with
  • Scarcity mindset, feeling stuck, and dwelling on past mistakes

Rick's overarching message is that money problems cannot be solved by creating a new budget or making more money.

You have to get to the emotional root of the problem to create more financial security for yourself. And Rena-fi provides accessible, affordable options to do that. 

Find Rick Webster @

Full written post can be found here.

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