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ADHD Meal Planning Revisited

September 10, 2020 Liz
The HealthyADHD Podcast
ADHD Meal Planning Revisited
Show Notes

I don't cook. I don't get any satisfaction out of prepping ingredients and making meals.

But**  I do meal plan. I feed my family every week, even when I don't want to. And I was asked to speak on the topic again at this year's International Conference on ADHD. 

With that in mind I made this updated episode. You will hear me discuss:

  • why I don't believe in shopping every day
  • how to stock your family staples
  • planning dinners first
  • limiting options for breakfast/lunches/snacks
  • setting boundaries with your family around meal planning

Also, this year's ADHD conference is all online. Online = less expensive. You should go!

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